Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sewing a Giraffe softie tutorial

I have been working on some softie patterns for a project in Katutura, I've posted on another blog about this before (here). At first there were only crocodiles, but I decided to expand the family a bit and added a taggy giraffe and a rhino. In this post I will show you how to make the giraffe of this family.

I have always been very grateful for other people sharing their projects and tutorials, and I think it is time for me to add one other tutorial on to the wonderful world wide web... It is an easy project, and I think it is feasible for a novice to start with something like this.

Please consider, the pattern is for Personal use only!

  • Pattern (download here)
  • Piece of fabric 30cm (minimum 80cm wide)
  • Variation of 6 different tags
  • Piece of cord / felt / band for tail
  • Fiber filling
  • Embroidery thread for the eyes (I used black and white)
* First, start by printing out the pattern for the Taggy Giraffe (download here). Print pattern on A4, and choose non-scaling. Un-tick the boxes "autorotate and centre" and "choose paper source". This way your pattern will be at the same scale as the original. Seam allowance is included in the pattern.

* Start of with a little primary school work....Cut out the printed pieces and tape them together. Don't worry, as you can see, the pattern is only three pieces and very straight forward.

* More cutting.... Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut around your pattern. Cut your giraffe two times from the fabric. Be bold, choose two different types of fabric, one for each side, or, like I did here,  use the same fabric for both sides (fold the fabric right sides together if you have chosen to stick to one fabric). Just go with what you like.

* Now it is time for the fun part!!!!! Choose the tags you would like to use for your Taggy Giraffe. Cut them approximately 6cm long. Fold the tags double and pin them inwards on the right side on one of the cut out pieces of giraffe.

Add something for the tail as well, else your giraffe might feel like a dog that just had his cut.

* Pin the second cut out piece of giraffe on the other cut out giraffe, right sides together. Make sure the tags at the back of the neck are not pinned together at the front side of the neck, and take care that there is enough space for sewing (in other words, make sure you don't sew over the tags at the front side of the neck!!).

* Stitch around the giraffe, leaving about 8cm (3inch) in the front neck open. This way you are less likely to close stich your labels at the front of the neck. Turn your giraffe right sides out. I used a pencil and started with the legs. Then it is easy to pull the rest of your giraffes body right sides out. Do you like what you have got so far?

* Beautify!!!! Embroider the eyes if you fancy eyes. Go loose, and embroider a name,a flower, or a heart on the bum. It is your project.

* Go 3D...Fill your giraffe with fiber fill. Start with the legs, and work your way up. I used the same pencil to stuff the legs nicely packed and full.

* Slipstitch the opening closed.

 Congratulations!! You have made yourself a Taggy Giraffe.

After this, you might like to "Go RHINO!!"

The children loved its long neck and the taggies, but they are also safe for babies (if you haven't decided to use beads as eyes).

I would love to know if this tut makes any sense (it is my first tut after all), whether you like it or if you made one yourself.

Have FUN!!!

Love *E

Please remember, this pattern is for personal use only!!!! Thank you


  1. very well explained! :) thanks for sharing, this is exactly what my daughter wants for her soon to be baby boy's nursery!

    1. Thank you! I loved sharing it! I'm sure your soon to be grandson will love it. Have a lovely day :-)

  2. This was absolutely perfect! My 7 year old daughter wished for a sewing machine for Christmas and this was a perfect project for her to make. Thank you so much!!


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